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DS610 Piezoresistor Armature Specific Type



Appearance Reference                     Application Case



Precision test of electrical properties of 3-, 5-, 6-, 7-bar piezoresistor armatures


Functional Features

Test piezoresistor armatures fast, identify piezoresistor faults

Measure the welding resistance accurately to the micro-ohm level; the automatic judgment threshold for armature welding resistance can be set to 100 micro-ohms (ie 0.100 milliohms) or even smaller; discover armature rosin joints and nonconforming welds (not for 3-bar armature) fast and accurately; the screen provides fault location information

Resistance test between any bars; automatically identify bar to bar short circuit, broken wire, resistance over-limit, and provide fault information

Proprietary bar-to-bar resistance fuzzy sort and identification; automatically identify single-fork, double-fork or large and small bar winding process, and hookup direction; automatically track and test an armature regardless of where it is placed; analyze the number of turns, diameter of enameled wires and slight difference in winding tension by this means; Automatic alarm upon wrong coil CW/CCW hookup direction 

Unique automatic range switching and test tracking; therefore a higher accuracy than other similar instruments throughout the measurement range. It is not required to set the instrument measurement range as the armature resistance range is not required to know beforehand; even an ordinary operators can sample an armature with its parameters unknown very easily and formulate the automatic judgment criteria 

All standard test voltage settable, automatically generated and regulated; test data immune to fluctuations from external grid; offset the inherent leakage current of test system automatically

Automatically count the number and pass ratio of test samples, make statistics of nonconformities

Automatically/manually analyze, and store the automatic judgment criteria of armatures of different models and specifications

Double-station configuration, high test efficiency

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Technical Specifications


Commutator Bars


DC Resistance Test

Range: 0.500mΩ ~ 500.0Ω (automatically switch the range in the FSR; selected based on the order requirements)

FSR Accuracy: ±1.5%, ±0.5% (optional)

Welding Resistance Test

Measurement Range: 0.00199.00 mΩ, Resolution: 1 μΩ

Measurement Accuracy: ±10 μΩ (@ bar to bar resistance<1 Ω), ±20 μΩ (@1Ω<bar to bar resistance<10Ω)

Note: NOT for 3-bar armatures

Insulation Resistance Test

Test Voltage: DC 500V automatic regulated

Measurement Range: 5500 MΩ

Measurement Accuracy: ±5%

Piezoresistor Circuit Test

Voltage Peak: 570V (settable)

Measurement Accuracy: ±5%

Operating Power Supply

AC220V±10%, 50Hz

Operating Air Pressure



5.7', 240×320 dot matrix

Dielectric Strength

1500V, 50Hz, 1min

Operating Ambient Temperature


Operating RH


Outline Dimensions Reference (mm)

Height: 12601400

Width: 560800

Depth: 580620

Equipment Weight

About 50kg (depending on configuration)


1. “Optional” parameters, functions, number of stations, test fixtures and special specifications herein are subject to order negotiation and the state at delivery.

2. For technical indicators, test functions, system functions, shape & structure, configuration of fixtures & clamps, the ordering requirements shall prevail  

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