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CT Series Motor Performance Tester (cogging torque test)



Equipment Appearance Reference                                                                    Cogging Torque Angle Distribution of A Motor


Technical Features

Test the cogging torque of motors, separate motor cogging torque and friction torque accurately; cogging torque test result is independent of test speed and speed fluctuation (independent of the moment of inertia); higher test speed can improve test efficiency significantly.

Major Functions

1.    Test positive and negative peaks of cogging torque;

2.    Show the cogging torque angle distribution curve;

3.    Friction torque test;

4.    Test RPM settable;

5.    Motor model project test criteria can be established;

6.    Set limits for test items, issue sound or light alarm in case of test data over-limit, give NG or GO result in a screen

7.    Save test data, and export them via USB 



1.       CW/CCW test

2.       Angle spectrum analysis

3.       Plot the friction coefficient/speed curve

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Technical Specifications






Cogging Torque Test (mN.m)

Range: 050

Accuracy: 1%F.S.

Range: 0200

Accuracy: 1%F.S.

Range: 0500

Accuracy: 1%F.S.

Friction Torque Test (mN.m)

Range: 050

Accuracy: 1%F.S.

Range: 0200

Accuracy: 1%F.S.

Range: 0500

Accuracy: 1%F.S.

Torque Angle Measurement (°)

Range: 010000, Resolution: 0.1°

Test RPM

0.53, 330 optional

Input Device

Keyboard & mouse


15’′ color LCD

Host Computer

CPU clock frequency 1.8G HDD 120 G

Power Supply

220V 50Hz 

Operating Environment

Temperature 040, humidity 85%


For technical indicators, test functions, system functions, shape & structure, configuration of fixtures & clamps, the ordering requirements shall prevail

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