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SL Series Rotor Tester


Desktop Machine Reference         Test Tooling Reference



Applicable for testing fully opened, fully closed squirrel-cage rotors and squirrel-cage rotors with process slot, with or without shaft; it can identify broken bars, slim bars, under-casting, porosity, sand holes, residues, improper end rings, internal short circuit in bars, eccentricity


Basic Functions

1.       Set speed automatically or manually, and regulate the speed automatically with a stepper motor to ensure the best test effect;

2.       Load and unload manually, clamp rotors pneumatically; loading and unloading is very quick. Allow quick change of tooling types;

3.       Proprietary skewed rotor declination error test;

4.       Proprietary automatic ambient temperature compensation; test data immune to ambient temperature;

5.       Display waveforms and test data with a screen;

6.       The rotor model project test criteria can be established;

7.       Set Limits for test items, issue sound or light alarm in case of test data over-limit, give NG or GO result in the screen, and issue sound or light alarm in case of NG;

8.       Save test data, and export them via a USB interface.


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Technical Specifications




Declination Difference


0±15° Accuracy: ±1°

Rotor's Outline Dimensions

Outer diameter ≤130, lamination height (or shaft length) ≤300

Number of Rotor Bars


 Speed (RPM)


Wave Amplitude

≤3V, test accuracy ±0.5%

Difference between Each Wave Amplitude and Average


Sampling Frequency


Test Speed

About 1s (excluding loading and unloading), about 3s (including loading and unloading)


10-inch color touch screen

Host Computer

CPU clock speed 1.6G, hard drive 32G, memory 2G

Power Supply

Voltage 220V 50Hz, capacity ≤1.2kVA

Operating Environment

Temperature 040℃, Humidity ≤85%

Outline Dimensions

Tester: W×H×D = 430×280×280, test tooling: W×H×D = 660×230×260

Note 1

For technical indicators, system functions, shape & structure, configuration of toolings & clamps, the ordering requirements shall prevail

Note 2

Purchaser needs to prepare a lathe by himself for testing large squirrel cage rotors as Supplier provides testers and sensors only

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