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K302 General-Purpose Motor Tester


Applicable to no-load test of DC motors and reducer motors

Basic Functions

1.       No-load current, speed test

2.       No speed sensor required; detect the motor speed directly by spectrum analysis

3.       Show the commutator current waveform

4.       Show real-time curves of current, speed;

5.       CW and CCW test

6.       Using motor terminal voltage feedback in internal precision programmable switching power supply, fully offset the test circuit voltage drop and keep the voltage actually applied on a motor accurate

7.       Built-in programmable switching power supply used to automatically limit the output current based on the rated power; when the motor does not rotate or is short circuited during the test in case of motor quality problems or operator error, the instrument can automatically monitor abnormalities and turn off the power in a short time. Once external abnormalities are released, the instrument can automatically resume work. By this way, it keeps the system secure and reliable

8.       Manual & auto test modes available; create motor model projects

9.       Set limits for test items, issue sound or light alarm in case of test data over-limit, give NG or GO result in the screen, and issue sound or light alarm in case of NG

10.    Save test data in Excel, and export them via a USB interface


Direction Auto-Identification

LV Start Test


Insulation Resistance Test

Current Waveform Detection & Analysis

Total Vibration Acceleration Test

Total Noise dB(A) Test (with no sound booth required)

Abnormal Sound Auto-Identification

Label Print and Check

Pneumatic Fixtures at Both Stations

System Error Prevention & Correction

System Integration

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Technical Specifications




Rated Voltage (V)



No-Load Current (A)



No-Load Speed (RPM)


Output Power (W)


Voltage Test Accuracy


Current Test Accuracy


Speed Test Accuracy

±0.1% (@ 12 bars, 5000 RPM


10-inch color touch screen

Host Computer

CPU clock speed 1.6G, hard drive 32G, memory 2G

Power Supply

Voltage 220V 50Hz, capacity 1.2kVA

Operating Environment

Temperature 040, humidity 85%

Outline Dimensions

W × H × D = 430 × 280 × 280


For technical indicators, test functions, system functions, shape & structure, configuration of fixtures & clamps, the ordering requirements shall prevail


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