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JK125 Series Excitation Motor Tester





Applicable to electrical performance test of series excitation motors

Basic Functions

Motor voltage, current, power and other electrical performance test items can be automatically completed at high speed in one time

20kHz high-speed sampling signal; take the cyclic wave as a unit to measure the quantities of AC electricity over the full range fast and accurately, display the change curve in real time;

Obtain test data and formulate the automatic judgment criteria; enable or disable any test items, set pass criteria; release automatic light or sound alarm upon test result over-limit

Automatically count the number and pass ratio of test samples, make statistics of nonconformities

Save, edit and call the automatic judgment criteria for motors of different specifications;

Test data management function; the computer can automatically number each motor; the number can also be entered manually; the test result for each model and motor can be queried and made into statistics reports; Excel files can be exported via a USB disk  


Tachometer Generator Test

DC Resistance, Turn to Turn Surge, Voltage Test

Cleaner Motor Test

Air Pressure Test, Input Power Test of Different Bore Diameter


Non-Contact, Contact Type Optional

Speed Test

Non-Contact, Contact Type Optional

Direction Control


Built-In Temperature Switch Test

Resistance, Surge

Electric Strength Test

HIPOT, Insulation Resistance Test, Voltage Settable and Immune to Power Grid

Surge Test

Voltage Settable and Immune to Power Grid

DC Resistance Test

Fast, Accurate

Grounding Resistance Test

Noise Test

Total Noise dB(A) Test (with no sound booth required)

Vibration Test

Total vibration acceleration, time domain analysis, spectrum analysis, automatically identify abnormal sound (with no noise shielded chamber required)

Double Stations

Double stations required to be interlocked to keep safe

AC Programmable Power Supply

Upon request

Technical Specifications

AC Voltage Test

Range: 100.0 ~ 300.0 V, Accuracy: ±0.5%

AC Current Test

Range: 0.020  ~ 5.00 V, Accuracy: ±1 %

Active Power Test

P = U*I*CosΦ

Host Computer

An IPC with 10-inch color touch screen, CPU clock speed 1.6G, hard drive 32G, memory 2G

Operating Environment

Operating Power Supply: AC220V±10 %, 50Hz Temperature: 040 Humidity: ≤80 %

Outline Dimensions


Note: For technical indicators, test functions, system functions, shape & structure, configuration of fixtures & clamps, the ordering requirements shall prevail
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