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PL6 Series Dynamometer




DC, AC motor dynamometry


Basic Functions

1. Operate motors with load to perform torque test, speed test and current test from no load to stall by step to step loading, get electrical and mechanical properties of motors, and plot dynamometry curves like U, I, Pi, T, n, Po, η;

2. Test at set points; torque, speed, current settable;

3. CW/CCW auto-identification;

4. The motor model project test criteria can be established;

5. Set Limits for test items, issue sound or light alarm in case of test data over-limit, give NG or GO result in the screen, and issue sound or light alarm upon test result overlimit;

6. Automatically count the number and pass ratio of test samples, make statistics of nonconformities;

7. Save, edit and call the automatic judgment criteria for motors of different specifications;

8. Test data management function; the computer can automatically number each motor; the number can also be entered manually; the test result for each model and motor can be queried and made into statistics reports; Excel files can be exported via a USB disk

Technical Specifications




Voltage Test

0300VAC  ±0.5%

  050VDC  0300VDC  ±0.5%

Current Test

0.120AAC  ±1%

0.130/50/100 ADC (optional) ±1%

Speed Test

Accuracy ±0.1% (@: rated speed of dynamometer)

Torque Test

0.1, 0.2, 0.3, 0.5, 1, 2, 5 N.m optional (hysteresis dynamometer)

2, 5, 10, 20, 50 N.m optional (powder dynamometer)

Electromechanical Characteristic Curve

U, I, Pi, T, n, Po, η

Input Device

Keyboard & mouse


≥14’′ LCD

Host Computer

CPU clock frequency 1.8G HDD 120 G

Power Supply

220V 50Hz

Operating Environment

Temperature 040, Humidity 85%


Technical indicators and test functions are subject to order


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