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Brushless/Servo/Stepper Motor Tester



Applicable to brushless, servo, stepper motor performance test


Basic Functions

1.       BEMF Test

(1) Test the RMS and peak of motor U-V, V-W, W-U BEMF, speed settable;

(2) Phase difference between three phases of BEMF;

(3) Display BEMF waveform

2.       Hall Test

(1) Three Hall logics high, level value;

 (2) Phase difference between three phases of Hall signal;

      (3) Duty ratio

3.       Electric declination test;

4.       Encoder test;

5.       Manual & auto test modes available; create motor model projects  

6.       Set limits for test items, issue sound or light alarm in case of test data over-limit, give NG or GO result in a screen, sound and light alarm upon NG

7.       Save test data in Excel, and export them via USB




Insulation Resistance Test

DC Resistance Test

Inductance Test

Thermal Shock Test

Pneumatic Fixtures

System Error Prevention & Correction

Label Print and Check


Technical Specifications  



BEMF Level Test

3300V, Accuracy 0.5%, Test RPM 1001000 rpm

BEMF Phase Difference

0360° Accuracy: 1°

Electric Declination

0360° Accuracy: 1°

Hall Power

330 VDC settable, accuracy 0.5%

Hall Test

030V, Accuracy 1.0%, Duty Ratio 0100%, Accuracy 1.0%

Encoder Power

330 VDC settable, accuracy 0.5%

Encoder Test

Level 030V, Accuracy 1.0%, Pulse Duty Ratio 0100%, Accuracy 1.0%, Phase Difference 0360°, Accuracy 1.5°


≥14′’ color display

Host Computer

CPU clock frequency 2.6G HDD 250G

Power Supply

Voltage 220V 50Hz

Operating Environment

Temperature 040, humidity 85%


For technical indicators, test functions, system functions, shape & structure, configuration of fixtures & clamps, the ordering requirements shall prevail


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